Hippie necklace designs have created quite a stir in the fashion world these days. Yellow gold is back in vogue, and so is the imagery and symbols of the 1970s. The retro look is in, and people seem to be channeling their inner hippie through their bold fashion choices. All in all, if you are a fan of the psychedelic 70s, it is an excellent time to be alive, won't you say?

Bold is definitely beautiful these days and accessories that catch your eye are in style. Although some of the jewelry trends of the hippie era did not find their way to the age of iPhones and e-cigarettes, some have fared


Every girl dreams of her wedding day. The dress, the cake, the flowers and the venue are all perfectly planned - that is until reality sets in and you realise how much it all actually costs.

The average price of a wedding is now £27,000 - a figure that's going to set you back a huge chunk of money. The dream gown itself costs on average around £1,300 and that's not including the cost of bridesmaids' dresses, either.

But highstreet shops and affordable clothing brands like Boohoo have now ventured into bridal wear. Missguided, Topshop, ASOS and Dorothy Perkins have all jumped on the budget