Hippie necklace designs have created quite a stir in the fashion world these days. Yellow gold is back in vogue, and so is the imagery and symbols of the 1970s. The retro look is in, and people seem to be channeling their inner hippie through their bold fashion choices. All in all, if you are a fan of the psychedelic 70s, it is an excellent time to be alive, won't you say?

Bold is definitely beautiful these days and accessories that catch your eye are in style. Although some of the jewelry trends of the hippie era did not find their way to the age of iPhones and e-cigarettes, some have fared quite well.

The 70s was the time of flamboyance and color. People wanted to be seen and loved their individuality. It was the time when people wanted to dazzle and be dazzled. There was no place for subtlety during the 70s, and everything you wear made a statement. If you think about it, it was much like today, isn’t it? So, it is no surprise that today’s youngsters are relating to the fashion of the era and bringing the 70s back to life, much to the delight of their parents who lived through the hippie days.

When it comes to hippie necklace designs, some design elements that seem heavily borrowed from that time include the following.

· Everything is big these days, the pendants, the chains, everything. It was a direct influence of the 70s when jewelry was worn to make a statement. The bigger the lockets and chains, the more attention you grab. The philosophy continues in today's hippie designs as well.

· Another trendy thing during the 70s was layered necklaces. Women would wear several chain necklaces, and the style is back!

· Another hallmark of the 70s jewelry is the use of natural material such as feathers, wood bones, shells and even pebbles. If you take a look around, you will see this trend on the rise as well. There are so many necklace designs that are made from natural stones and shells and similar material.

· Ethnic jewelry was also huge in the 70s and is making a comeback in late 2010s

· Some of the most popular colors of the hippie era were turquoise, green, burnt orange, yellow and cream. These colors are also making a huge comeback.

Wearing a hippie necklace in 2017

Whether it is the natural material in the necklace, brightly colored beads or layered chains, the style of necklaces today is quite reminiscent of the hippie era. So, if you love a necklace in your mom's 70s photo, you are in luck! You can wear vintage 70s necklaces without having to worry about looking dated.

Although if you are willing to hop on the hippie train, here are some tips to do it in style.

· Don’t go overboard with statement pieces. Make sure that you are wearing one piece at a time

· If you are wearing a vintage 70s necklace, make sure that you are not pairing it with a 70s outfit. You want to look cool, not from a 70s magazine!

· Layering is very much in these days. If you are into layering, make sure that you are using single-color metal chains in your necklace

· Tribal jewelry is excellent with almost any outfit, but if you are planning to attend a formal event, resist the temptation and go with a more subtle approach.

The 1970s was a fantastic time and if you loved the fashion of the time, don’t be shy to embrace it. After all, we just got one life!

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